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Life Cycle Assessment and
Sustainability.... a requirement of our generation to manage the resource base such that the quality of life
we are used to can be shared by all future generations.

Corporations are increasingly looking for sustainability in the products they use, both as a matter of
profitability, meeting customer desires, as well as environmental stewardship. MBT is working with plastics
producers, government agencies and plastics users, as well as plastics recyclers, to help them have more
sustainable products. We do this by recycling many plastic products that are not readily recyclable and
would otherwise be added to landfills.

Often plastics are not recycled in the United States because contaminants need to be removed before
being able to reuse the plastic. In the past most of this plastic has been shipped to Asia, where the
contaminants were removed under less strict environmental and child labor laws. This pollutes their rivers
and local environment, and allows the use of under-age children to do this unhealthy work.

The MBT proprietary process takes many plastics with contaminants, and neutralize the contaminants,
creating no pollution.

We are the lowest carbon foot print in the recycling of plastics, with our continuing goal of zero pollution.