About Our Business

MBT produces fuel. We make ultra-low sulfur diesel, gasoline, kerosenel, depending on the demands of the

We buy “end of life” plastics, primarily types 2 through 7, as our raw materials. We use thousands of truckloads
annually, helping to reduce the load on landfills.

We convert the plastics into liquid fuels without contaminating the environment. Our process is totally self-
contained and non-polluting. We use clean natural gas in the process. We may also use carbon credits to offset
our use of natural gas in order to have a completely carbon-free process.

MBT was started in 2012 and until production started, a mini-plant was operated to validate the technology
which has not existed prior to our development of it. One of the partners has been researching and testing the
technology for over 20 years and the development has arrived to a stage where the mini-plant needed to be up
scaled to ensure the process will be profitable.

We also handle hazardous and mixed liquid fuels, including those that contain water.

We are a company that is very aware that all employees must have a standard of living that is acceptable, and
have benefits that help make life more enjoyable. MBT realizes that veterans deserve jobs when they return to
civilian life so we hire veterans first whenever possible.

About Your Business

For those enterprises that want to reduce emissions,our products may be the answer or part of the solution.

Sulfur. Our fuels have practically no sulfur at all, so when used alone we have the cleanest possible fuels, and
when blended with standard fuels that contain sulfur, we can help bring the average down.

Soot. Our fuels reduce soot emissions between 40 and 50 percent compared to normal diesel fuels. When our
diesel is blended using 25 percent our fuel and 75 percent standard diesel fuel, the combined product will all
have the same low soot output as our product does. So blending our diesel will reduce soot by about 4 times in
the total mix, and if the soot reduction does not have to be in the 40 to 50 percent range, even more savings
can be achieved.

What Can We Do Together?

What we can help you with:

Mixed fuels, including gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, aviation fuel, diesel.
Fuels contaminated with water in any proportion.
Recycle what you are now probably burning or burying in the ground.
Reduce your disposal costs.
Reduce your pollution issues.
Handle your hazardous liquid fuels.

What we do:

We clean contaminated fuels and blend them with our clean fuels.
We use a totally clean and closed system in all our processes.
We have proprietary technologies in our processes.

What we cannot help you with:
Hazardous waste.
Oils, used or unused.
Higher than legal levels of benzene or sulfur in the fuels.
Sludge from tanks or solids.
Illegal materials.
Radioactive materials.
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